Moving Mind Studio is a young and energetic comedy team based out of Montreal, QC, Canada that creates hilarious offbeat sketch videos.

The trio, composed of Samuel Brisson, Ryan George and Brandon Calder, already have a large established and dedicated following, and has attracted millions of views on YouTube.

Having created sketch comedy together continuously since 2009, they have been featured on TV, Radio, web and print, and have proven that people love their content. In addition to starring in the sketches, the trio also functions as the writing team. Their writing is quick, witty, and adaptable to parody anything that's making Canadian and International headlines.

Samuel Brisson developed an interest in cinema while studying in Dubai, UAE. This led to his education at Concordia University, where he also learned Film Production, Advanced Screenwriting and Acting.

He has since produced various short films which have won multiple awards at various film festivals. While being the "tech guy " on MMS shorts, he currently works as a video project manager on corporate videos for major corporations.

He occasionally performs under the alias of Samuel Bee, a human-sized bumble-bee.

Ryan George studied Film Production, Advanced Screenwriting and Acting at Concordia University. He can perform a wide variety of impressions, accents and characters.

His comedy writing and videos have been featured on the front pages of popular sites such as CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and His "Inglourious Toddlers " video was screened in Alamo Drafthouse Theatres before presentations of Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds " and was featured in "Heeb Magazine " funded by Steven Spielberg.

Since graduation, he has worked as a professional video editor.

Brandon Calder learned Video Production, Screenwriting and Acting at Vanier College.

These skills were used to direct music videos for several emerging local artists. He also worked as a radio host on CJLO Radio for three years at Concordia University, where he studied Sociology.

Brandon has been rapping since early 2000, and performed at the Osheaga Music Festival in 2011.